Admission procedure

For the admission procedure, we require two reference letters from current members proposing the new candidate as a potential HAUTE member. A data sheet is then sent to the proposers. Since HAUTE memberships are valid from January to December, the decision on how many new members can be admitted is taken at the end of the old year or the start of the new year. During the year, HAUTE maintains a waiting list that is constantly updated according to capacity. Unless notice of termination has been received by the end of October, invoices are sent out for the following year and existing memberships are extended automatically. Please send applications via email.


An individual membership costs CHF 1,900.00 (excluding VAT) per year, and is not transferable to other persons. The annual fee for a partner membership is CHF 2,200.00 (excluding VAT). This includes a second card for a spouse or partner living at the same address. Our evening membership costs CHF 900.00 (excluding VAT) per year, is valid only in the evening and is not transferable to other persons. A corporate membership costs CHF 5,500.00 (excluding VAT) per year. This requires the contractual partner to designate four individuals entitled to make reservations. They must be employed by the same company and be listed in HAUTE’s records by name.


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